Monday, April 14, 2008


There is a flat field covered in long stalks of dry yellow grass. Sometimes used as a breeding ground for pumpkins, the harvest is long over, and the brittle blades have submitted months ago to the sun and ever changing weather. They have laid down and created a soft bed upon the land, although not a soul treads upon the land. The field is not square or rectangular, nor does it resemble any shape cut or devised by man. A rough semi-circle that stretches to eternity, there is no indication of what lays beyond the horizon…ocean, land…it is impossible to tell…just dry land covered in fallen weeds. The western boundary of the field is naturally created by the jagged cliffs of narrow mountains. They are relatively small and short mountains, the detailed landscapes of their tops are visible from the field, but they cannot be called hills. Their energy is too strong…they are old, they are mountains carved and shaped by the forces of nature, old and strong, deep and silent.
The shades of fall have bathed the field and the mountains. The sky is gray in hue and thin wisps of smoke-like clouds struggle over the high peaks and slowly descend, like white lava spilling over the rocks and treetops. Curving and curling, the clouds snake through barren oak branches, they diverge and move elegantly around solid matter in their path. The northern and southern boundaries are created by rows of enormous oak trees and their leaf-less boughs jut in every direction, looking stark and imposing in the landscape.
Everything…the shrubs, trees, grass, rocks…everything is covered with the muted colors of fall. There are no brilliant colored leaves or glistening hues in the environment, everything is awash in the pale matte shades of orange, yellow, brown and green. The tree trunks are orange, the grasses brown, the rocks yellow, the soil green.
There are two women on a floating bench. They circulate a small perimeter within the field. They stare solemnly, their heads pointed only forward, never moving to the sides or towards each other. Without a hint of smile or passion, they are carried around and around by an invisible force. Their skin is the same yellow as the rocks, their hair the same green as the soil, their clothes match the orange color of the tree trunks; they sit like statues upon their moving bench, an expression of muted apathy frozen upon their skin.

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