Monday, March 31, 2008

Chariot and Rider

The great black expanse is littered with sparkling diamonds. Stars, they twinkle twinkle like gemstones strewn over a black velvet display. Some give off the faintest bit of color; crimson , yellow, or blue. No doubt if one could reach out and grasp any of these, they would discover that it burns to the touch, that it is far vaster than the hand that would seek to hold it. It would pull that hand to it, just as it pulls all smaller bodies to its bosom, and as the commander of the hand made that direction-less fall into the fire, they would see that the color of a star is vivid beyond imagination when it is swallowing you whole.
Out there, set against that deceptively lovely backdrop, a solitary vessel draws nearer and nearer to a slowly spinning blue green orb. Its rotation is barely perceptible as it beckons the small vessel into its atmosphere. The ship, dwarfed by this long lost child of Tiamat, drifts gently towards the bulging mammoth, its smooth taffy colored surface easing its way into her orbit. It is shaped not vaguely, but specifically like a human phallus.
Like a tick riding a bird, a woman sits straddled on its back where the shaft curves round to form testicles. A space cowgirl, she rides the vessel with poise, smiling as mirthfully as if she were bringing a prize pony round the corner in the tournament of roses parade. With the glittering cosmos as silent witness she commits the sum of her attention to the present in this thrilling moment of entry. Her blond hair, parted in two braids, rest upon her shoulders like a pair of pet serpents.
Clothed in a pair of short red running shorts with a vertical white stripe and a tan buckskin vest, her breasts remain bare, her areolas gazing out over the tip of the rod like a second pair of pink eyes. Before them, on the planet’s surface, brown and green masses of land form distinctive shapes in the blue oceans. Mountains reach out towards the traveler and vessel eagerly. In the highest of these, a pool of crystal clear spring water shimmers under the celestial glow of the yellow star beaming nearby. The sun pulls both the planet and its captivated phallic visitor like a golden stallion drawing chariot and rider.

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