Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Arena

The floor is horribly uneven.
It slopes so that it seems probable that I could fall out of the gaping opening. I see a railing that is barely hanging on. I can imagine myself taking hold of it for support only for it to come loose and fall away into the blue with me.
The view is breath taking, a clear sky, the outlines of tall white buildings very far away: civilization.
It looks as if the whole cube -like structure may break free from the house and slide down the rural hillside. My original assessment is that it is a garage, but it is constructed entirely of plywood and I notice none of the customary garage inhabitants.
I see only the stand up arcade video games lining the back wall. I care only about the Mrs. Pac-Man machine set in the center of the row, and I care immensely.
The unstable surroundings do not deter me.
I can mother-fucking play that game.

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